🔌 Downloading extensions

How to install extensions

Currently, we point to the Open VSX Registry for extensions. This is a community-driven, open-source registry of VS Code extensions. You can find more information about it here (opens in a new tab). If any of your favourite extensions don't show up here, you can still install them on Aide by following the instructions below.

Installing extensions from the VS Code Marketplace

  1. Go to the VS Code Marketplace and search for the extension you want to install. VS Code Marketplace

  2. Click the 'Download Extension' button to download the extension's .vsix file. Download Extension

  3. Go to the Aide Extensions page and drag the .vsix file into the dropzone. Drag and Drop

  4. You should see a notification asking to reload the window. Click 'Reload'. Reload

  5. The extension should be installed! Installed